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Its Spring!!!!

The flowers are in bloom, the weeds are sprouting, and the forest is alive. I love spring time! Full transparency, it is not my favorite season, that would be autumn, but I do love the new life that sprouts, the sweet sounds of the animals returning home from the winter, the animals awakening from hibernation, and the chance for the kids to be outside more. My house definitely appreciates the kids going outside and the fact windows can start to open, letting the crisp gentle breeze to fill our home with the sweet smell of rebirth.

I have had my seed packets for months now and have been dying to plant them, but our raised garden beds have been put on hold since I have decided to change all my plans around, again. We cleared a section of the property so we could start the garden as soon as the weather lifted, we had a long frost season this year. But then... we started clearing another section of the property, not specifically for the garden, but it just needed cleaned up and a tree had fallen we never split. Well when we started splitting and moving everything around I thought it would be a better fit for the raised garden beds than the other area I had scoped out, oops sorry Roman for the extra work; we needed it done anyway. The new section is closer to our garage basement which is where I was planning to cultivate the seedlings and house all my gardening supplies anyway. I thought this area would be too rocky, which it is, but I think once we have the excavator come in an clear some of the bigger rocks, which we could then make a rock wall and a really nice, stoned step area leading to the garden. It is in a better sun position and flatter ground compared to my garden bed off the hill location. All to say plans don't always go as planned, but sometimes if you are patient and take your time, life can give you a better opportunity, NOT easier, but better in the long run!

Also, thank you to Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds, I am very excited to try these for the first time!

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