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The Simple Pleasures

Oh the simplicity!.

We make up in the morning, start the coffee pot (which I make sure to prepare the night before so I can just press start when I walk downstairs). Then the chaos begins, which is why it is so important to do the preparing the night before. I think I will wake up earlier than the kids to have some quiet time, but that NEVER works. My son is up no matter what time I try to get out of bed. Bless him, he is a helper, cuddler, destroyer of cleanliness, but I do love his enthusiasm and spirit.

Asher's job in the morning, since he is the early riser out of all the kids, is to let the dogs outside to relieve themselves. Then, we go down and open the door for the chickens to roam. We currently have 9 chickens that are now safe free-roamers, and they can roam only in a covered kennel and fenced area we have for them. A few months ago, we had repeated owl attacks that took 5 of our layers and left us with 2 roosters and a non-laying hen. The irony, I know! Anyway, the 3 left from our last flock are our supervising free-free roamers. They have full access to the property and are quite friendly with us. Even the dogs have learned to leave them roam.

Our new flock will continue to grow in May, we have another 15 chicks coming. Maybe this is why husbands tend to get annoyed with homesteading wives, I bring more home all the time and I raise all our babies in the house. My husband tends to get annoyed with the sounds and smells that new baby livestock can bring. Even though we clean daily and usually a few times a day, a certain smell can linger while they are in the house. I LOVE it though, and even more the kids do. I love sipping my coffee while sitting on the couch and listening to the babies tweet, just like going to the conservatory. The kids will hold them and play with them, teaching them recall on fluffing feathers. This is great for when they head outdoors and are already familiar with us so we can tend to them easier.

Now that you know our life with chicks we head over to the goat hut, and make sure they have fresh water and enough hay. We usually let the goats graze the property and keep our brush down, but always good to keep them fed. Currently Gracie, Esther, and Coco are at my brother's place cleaning up his brush and manicuring his property, so we get to go back in for that coffee sooner right now, Mmmm!

This life takes time, and this is just a brief glimpse at a moment in our day, but it is the simple moments that mean so much. Time together, sitting with a cup of coffee, reflecting on the grace and promises of God. If you follow this journey with us I hope you can learn to enjoy those moments with us and in your own life.

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