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Frequently Asked Questions

Don Francis

We health test all of our dogs with Embark so we know what genes our dogs could potentially be passing on. These are available upon request.  We want to make sure our stud and females are well taken care of and if we use an outside stud service we check to see if they health test as well and check pedigrees to make sure we can keep safe lines to further our health goals.  

We do OFA hip and elbow test our dogs, out of standard guidelines.  It is still unsure, with conflicting information, whether hip and elbow scorings are an inheritable trait or not.  Therefore, take the results with a grain of salt and make your own judgement.  We wholehearted believe it is based upon upbringing and environment.  

Health Testing

Inquire OFA Results*

American Kennel Club

Red Fox Labs  $ 2,000

Base Pricing

Mastadors $ 2,000

Why Do They Cost So Much?

We health test all our dogs using Embark DNA + breed test. This tests for hundreds of possible diseases and gives us a complete picture of what our dogs look like genetically. We also make sure our studs are tested as well. We also OFA hip & elbow test. See more above about health testing. 

Our puppies are raised indoors. That means in our home where we sleep, eat and play. Our children get to handle and play with each puppy from the time they're a few days old until they're ready to go home. This almost means lots and lots of clean up. We are cleaning their pens everyday, multiple times a day, especially during the winter seasons when it's too cold for the puppies to be outside. During warmer months, this means puppies get to go outside when it's nice, but someone is outside monitoring them.  We also start potty and crate training them as early as 3 weeks old, which explains the multiple clean-ups daily, until they are able to be outside after their first shots at 6 weeks old. 

Because our puppies are raised in our home, we sleep with them and mom for the first few nights (yes, that means on the floor next to their whelping box in a sleeping bag) to ensure no one gets rolled or laid on. We also wake up with mom to help with nursing for those first few nights to make sure she gets each puppy fed. After those first crucial days, we install a video camera that I can access via my phone whenever we need to leave the house.

All this extra time and effort is factored into our cost. We're not just providing you a puppy. We're pouring our hearts and soul into each one of these puppies and we are ensuring they have the best start to an amazing future with your family.

Breeding / (Full)  Rights are an extra $1,000 and only given to APPROVED families. 

RF MTn will be your mentor if you do not already have a program running. 

Don Francis

You may fill out an application at any time.  Once applicants have been approved you will be added to the waitlist or will be contacted to choose an available puppy.  We will start contacting families on the waitlist when a female is confirmed pregnantWe ask for a $400 deposit to secure your place on the waitlist. Of this deposit, $200 is refundable and $200 is non-refundable - this covers our time in managing your spot.  If you need to back out of your spot on the waitlist, you may transfer the whole deposit to another litter within one year. 

We strive for the best when it comes to the puppy care and bringing puppy home, and we try to make this process as fair and as smooth as possible. We know you're very excited to meet your new family member and we try to do our best in making sure each and every family is satisfied with the puppy they've chosen. If you have any questions about the application process please reach out to us. 

*Please see our available puppy page for upcoming and current litters

**I reserve the right to 1st pick each litter, which will always be reserved for me or a breeding/show partner. 

Picks start at 4 weeks old so that we can get to know you and your family better and at that age we can see the puppies' personalities.  We find 4 weeks allows enough time to see the personality and coloring of each puppy start to show. This also gives the pick holders plenty of time to find their favorite puppy. If you would like to meet your puppy in person, puppy visits are open at 6 weeks old, not sooner.  This is for the health and safety of the puppy until they have their first vaccinations. We will email, call, or text you (whichever is preferred) when it is your turn to choose your furever friend.  Puppy pick-ups will be scheduled after vet checks at 6 weeks of age and pick-ups will be done after puppies are 8 weeks old, NOT sooner, as in our state that is illegal. 


Puppy Training

Bringing home puppy is the most exciting time, but can also add a lot of stress.  With crate training, learning to sleep through the night, potty-training, and more, it is a lot of work!  All our RFM pups are sent home at 8 weeks with an introduction to litter-training and crate-training to make the transition smoother.   At RFM we are happy to offer our 2-week puppy training camps.  Click the camps to see more detailed information.

RFM Puppy Crate Camp - $1,500

RFM Puppy Manner Camp-  $2,500 

** Cost added onto cost of puppy **

These are add-on packages to our standard puppy package

Coming Home

Don Francis

 So exciting, you think you've found your furever friend!  Now you want to know what they come home with.  We send puppies home with their vet check, first shots, ONE-year health guarantee, a microchip, a blanket (that smells like mom), a stuffed toy (this helps them feel like they are still with a litter mate), and some food.  Each puppy will come home with a "Getting to Know Puppy" letter and "First Steps" care sheet inside their puppy packets.  If you have any questions when you take home your little pup you can always reach out here, through email, or via phone.  We are a family now and you should feel like you can ask questions and share your journey with us!  

At Home
Few Toys
Food/Water Bowls
Dog Crate-size appropriate
 * don't buy a puppy crate for a Mastador as they will out grow it too quickly.
** Puppy Training Kit comes with crate
Dog Food
* We use 4Health Puppy 
4health Puppy Food
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