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Available Puppies

Here you can see Upcoming Litters and puppies Available for furever homes.  Please complete a puppy application if you are interested in joining the waitlist or would like to take one of these sweet puppers home.  

Meet the available Red Fox and Mastador puppies at Red Fox Mountain, Red Fox Mtn

Our Puppies

Care of Pups

Coming Home with Pup

Standard Puppy Packge

I don't know if you have figured it out this far, but we really love our dogs and our puppies!  The puppies are raised inside our home with our kiddos, never outside, in a kennel, or barn.  It creates more work for us, but we LOVE it! Yes, even the messy bits.  We do everything in our home. They are cared for, cleaned and loved all over.  This also helps with early neuro-stimulate exposure (fancy way to say we expose the puppies to environmental stimuli to acclimate them to the world easier).  We clean the pen daily, multiple times a day usually.  They are dewormed every 2 weeks starting at 4 weeks and are seen by our vet (who conveniently comes to our house) for health checks, vaccines, and microchipping.  We also start litter-training at 3 weeks old, along with introduction to crate training.  Crate training is used as a tool, not a weapon.  We want the puppies to understand that crates are a safe place, a place of rest and calmness.  This will help when they transition to their new homes.  

 Now I'm sure you want to know what they come home with.  Each puppy will come home with a "Getting to Know Puppy" letter, "First Steps" care sheet and AKC paper registration.  If you have any questions when you take home your little pup you can always reach out to me on here, through email, or via phone.  We are a family now and you should feel like you can ask questions and share your journey with us!
You can expect your puppy to come home with...

~ First vet check
~ First shots

~ AKC Registration
~ ONE-year health guarantee
~ Microchip
~ Blanket
(that smells like mom)
~ Stuffed toy (this helps them feel like they are still with a litter mate)
~ Small bag of food

~ Intro to litter training
       (see Puppy Crate Camp for more info)

~ Intro to training 


Additional Training
** cost added onto cost of puppy** 

** includes personal crate with name 

- Puppy Crate Camp 

- Puppy Manner Camp

Please fill out a puppy application.
Puppies are due April 27, 2024

1st Pick Female - Faulkner Family

2nd  pick Female - Painter Family

3rd Pick Female - 

1st Pick Male - Cyr Family

2nd Pick Male - Wunder Family

3rd Pick Male - Faulkner Family

4th Pick Male - Painter Family

Duna ~ Koa 

Red Fox Labs

Due April 27, 2024

Now Accepting Deposits

Current Litter

Litter Due April 27, 2024
*Breeder notes

Male - Red Fox Lab



Color-  Red

$ 2,000


Female- Red Fox Lab



Color-  Red

$ 2,000


See past litters and pictures our our pack in the gallery. 

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