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Nani at 6 weeks old

Our Dogs

Meet the Pack of    RFM

Our dogs live in our home, even in our bedrooms.  They are more than just pets or part of our program; they are our family.  Each dog has a personality, silly traits, and emotions of their own.  We love experiencing them together.


KOA is our deep, dark English RFL!  Great grandson of Jumpin' Jack Flash, he carries those great quality genes.  If you are looking for a deep red stud you've found him.  He has a cuddle bear personality and is happy to sit on your lap wherever you are or to run the trails chasing after your ATV.  He just loves his people, especially me, his Mama Bear!  Koa will carry his blankie around like a toddler does, laying on the floor and cuddling up with it.  If you are interested in stud services, please fill out our contact page with STUD INQUIRY in the subject line.  


NANI has grown into a beautiful red lab, and has been one of my most adventurous pups.  She is not a follower, she is a born leader.  Even though she likes to lead the path, she listens so well and has been easy to train.  Nani loves a cuddle these days. A sweet girl, with an old personality.  Get on the waitlist for her pups, they will be beautiful with so many variations of red to see. Nani is an English lineage Labrador, with a slender American face. 


DUNA an unexpected addition who fits in like we have had her since she was a puppy.  Duna is a sweet girl who loves the cuddles and a deep rub down!  Her personality is playful, willing, and loyal.  She is finally home and totally loved! Duna is a gorgeous and sweet English Labrador.