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The Lehman Family



Hi there,

 I'm Beca, and welcome to the mountain.  This is my family.  We are blessed to live on a mountain with lots of trees and places to roam. Our kids are a little mix of homebodies and adventurers.  The kids are excellent helpers when it comes to raising the pups. The hubby is even getting his hands in on the process of caring for the pups.  I love how much caring for these animals shapes our kids and teaches them about life and responsibility.  Our goal is to produce healthy puppies that are loving, well trained, and ready for great homes. 

I was raised in the boondocks of PA and know the wooded life.  I love seeing deer as we sit out on our back deck and how we can grow our own garden on the sloped hill of our yard. I love how these homegrown habits translate into my kids' lives and help us appreciate what we have more!  We all love on these puppies and you can see that when they come home; how they have been socialized and integrated into family living.  We invite you to come check out how we raise, care and honor our home.  

Red Fox Labrador Breeder
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